The 2021 Ford F-150 Hauls Zzzs With Seats That Convert Into a Bed

A recent report from Reuters might make you want to take a nap. Not because it’s boring, but because it reveals a tantalizing bit of information we didn’t know before about the 2021 Ford F-150: You can sleep in it.

Not uncomfortably hunched over the wheel, or awkwardly curled up in the back seat, as you might imagine. A “person familiar with the plans,” who decided to remain anonymous, told Reuters that the front passenger seat will fold back to lay flat, creating a bed described a bit like those found on the first-class cabin of passenger planes. Sounds comfy!

Now, Ford’s not the first company to offer an interior that converts into a bed—there have been a lot of stuffy interiors and foggy windows over the years. When Nash was still around, many of their cars famously featured front benches that folded down to create a whole-interior bed. The perfect feature for penny-pinching families who didn’t want to pay motel rates, or lovestruck couples on the move. We’re not judging either way.

The report also notes that the F-150’s interior will improve noticeably, too, and it will feature much bigger infotainment screens and over-the-air software updates. That jives with what we’ve previously reported is coming to the 2021 F-150, as well as what we’ve seen from spy shots of the new truck’s interior.

Don’t forget that the new F-150’s powertrains will also change dramatically, thanks to a new platform that supports electrification. We expect a hybrid option that pairs a 3.5-liter V-6 with at least one electric motor. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ford offers a V-8 hybrid option, as well.

The new F-150 debuts on June 25, and we can’t wait to see Ford’s latest salvo in the ongoing full-size truck wars.

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