2013 Kawasaki LX 1498cc Jet Ski $2000

Has the following mods done to it:

*Riva Cone Style air filters
*Billet clear anodized air filter adapters
*R&D Racing extended ride plate
*R&D Racing too loader intake grate.
* Solas Stainless Steel prop
* Blowsion Tubbie front sponsons.
*Brand new Black Tray Mats.
*Timing advanced plate.
*AC Racing aluminium Handlepole.
*Black anodized extended handlebars with crossbar pad.
*Aftermarket grips
*Rejetted Mikuni 40mm I-series carbs
*Duckbill Drain
*Reed stuffers
*Billet angled reed spacers
*Newer AGM Battery

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