Ian Callum’s design firm reveals Skye electric off-roader

Veteran Jaguar designer Ian Callum’s eponymous design firm formed in 2019 has unveiled the first vehicle to carry Callum’s own brand.

The vehicle is an electric off-roader called the Callum Skye, and Callum has designed it with a view toward a production run. Development is ongoing, but Callum is confident definitive specifications will be ready by next spring.

The Skye is a rather small off-roader, measuring just 159 inches long, or just an inch more than a Mini Cooper four-door. Callum has designed it to seat up to four in a 2+2 arrangement, pack a 42-kwh battery, and use a trail-capable suspension.

The suspension provides 13.7 inches of ground clearance and 21.7 inches of travel, though Callum also plans a version of the Skye with a less extreme suspension setup designed for only occasional use off-road.

Callum Skye

Callum Skye

Performance estimates include 0-60 mph acceleration in less than four seconds, a range of 170 miles, and a dry weight of 2,535 pounds. Callum also promises an ideal 50:50 weight distribution.

The design looks like a more refined version of the BRX Hunter rally raid vehicle that was designed by Callum and has spawned a road-going version packing 600 hp.

However, the Skye is significantly smaller than the BRX Hunter, and its design is more pared down, almost to a level of understatement. One interesting touch is the glass window integrated into the base of each door, which provides occupants with a view of the surface on which the vehicle is traveling.

Callum is looking to deliver the Skye to market with a starting price of around 100,000 British pounds (approximately $127,000). A U.S. launch is being considered but isn’t guaranteed.

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