Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Diesel, 6 speed Manual transmission (Jefferson TX) $15500

Very clean Dodge Ram 2500 SLT with High Output engine option. 6 speed manual transmission with the NV5600 transmission. Bullet proof and extreme HD transmission. Good information on it here:

I have owned this truck since 2004, it was 3 years old when I purchased it. I have always maintained the truck and keep it in excellent condition. The truck has never been repaired or in an accident and the paint is all original. The tires are probably about 70% and they are Michelin tires, the spare has never been on the ground. I did have the air conditioning compressor replaced about 2 or 3 years ago as the original had a small leak in the shaft seal and I would have to add Freon about once a year or so. There have been no AC problems at all since then and it produces very cold air. This past winter I replaced the engine thermostat, water pump and accessory drive belt; the water pump had developed a small leak and that is pretty normal for 150k miles. I also adjusted the valves this past winter as Dodge recommends a valve adjustment at 150k miles. I also need to mention that the fuel gauge sender in the tank is not working correctly. It will read a full tank and goes down to about half a tank……….I believe the sender unit or float is sticking. It has not been a problem since you can drive 700 miles on a full tank of fuel and I always set the trip odometer and refill before I reach 500 miles from a fill up.

I have added a Dahl/Baldwin fuel filter and water filter to the fuel system, as well as an added electric fuel pump to keep the fuel pressure to the injector pump high. Normal fuel pressure from the lift pump is about 8 – 9 lbs. and any fuel that is not used by the injector pump is then returned to the fuel tank. By adding the extra fuel pump the pressure is now 15 – 18 lbs.; by doing this more fuel is circulated to/from the injector pump and that keeps the injector pump cooled properly. The added fuel filter and water filter keeps any water or contamination from ever reaching the main fuel filter mounted on the engine. There is a photo of the added filter in one of the photos.

I have also used Stanadyne fuel treatment since I have owned the truck. Stanadyne is the best fuel conditioner as it has no alcohol and is rated best for keeping the fuel fresh, clean, and full of the lubricants that injector pumps require. Stanadyne builds fuel injector pumps and know the requirements for fuel treatment. The new diesel fuels have much lower levels of the sulfur lubricant they once contained and this can cause wear and tear on injector pumps. Stanadyne fuel treatment contains the lubricants and fuel stabilizers to keep the injector pumps live much longer.

I also have a complete set of the factory service manuals for the truck.

The truck does have several stone chips and minor dings from normal use. No heavy towing has been done with this truck. Should you have any questions or wish to set up a date/time to inspect this Dodge Ram SLT 2500 Super Duty truck you can contact me nine zero three, seven, five, five, twenty one, zero, eight

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