!Good Credit/ Bad Credit We Don’t Care! (1200 S. Jefferson) $2499

Applications Requirements Checklist

!Good Credit/ Bad Credit We Don’t Care!

Types of ID’s

• Texas ID
• Drivers License
• Passport
• Military ID
• Nato ID
• Dept. of State ID
• Green Card
• US Homeland Security ID

Social Security Card
• Copy of Card
• Most Recent W-2
(If Original Card Is Not Available)

Proof of Income
• Most Recent Check Stub
(Must Have YTD Total)
• Last 3 Check Stubs
• Letter from Employer
• Award Letter
• Bank Statement Showing Deposits

Proof of Residence
• Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electricity)
• Cable Bill
• Cell Phone Bill
• Credit Card Bill
• Insurance Bill
• Automobile Bill
(Financed Elsewhere)
• Lease
• Rent-A-Center Bill
• Letter from Landlord or Co-Resident
(With ID or POR, Also #1 Reference)

• Minimum 10 References (Verify 5)
• Full Names
• Full Addresses w/ Zip Codes
• Full Phone Numbers W/ Area Code

Trade In
• Title Must Be in Customers Name
• Said Title Owner Must Be Present

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