Dodi Hazelwood (Palestine)

This fat chick name dodi Hazelwood took my kids from me and falsely accused me if endangering my children to run off with Josh hazelwood of Texarkana witch she left me after being friends with Danny Hazelwood only to run off with her husband witch is cool with me but since there cowards dodi and Josh they found away to keep me from my kids witch I feel is wrong so especially when there dad is willing and able to take care of them she will say I’m this I’m that but I’m not in a position to need help is all o can say my kids been seen by me in the last 6 years may b 13 times period she paraids around Texarkana being a hand me down mom takeing clothes and other items for free for my kids like they have no father but the kicker is dodi Hazelwood takes care of Josh Hazelwoods medical bills and also trys to take care of his kids but has trouble doing so witch is normal for her standards I just want to see my kids so since I can’t be in my kids life while there children why not tell the world the truth I don’t won’t the hazlewoods family thinking those two mixed little girls have no father or he is a dead beat I own my own company and I’m a vendor plus I do not care to keep a job I own my own company I work of I want to but when it’s time for my daughter’s to have 150 shoes or 500$ Hooverbords guess who dodi Hazelwood calls me and when the dude knocks her out who she call crying me the stereo typically I never hit that fat bitch in my life never would i risk it plus she is a snitch n a second she would call the police in a jiffy why am I makeing this post why not shit ain’t like I’ma see my kids hopefully one of that dude family members see this and know my daughter s Chasity and Kaylee Nicole black have a father and I try to be there but they keep me out untill my kids needs something dodi and Josh can’t afford 😂 but if your a member of his family I mean no disrespect but those two mixed girls don’t belong to y’all y’all shouldn’t have to see them or take care of them that’s my responsibility thanks Original Listing