Scammers have become ridiculous on CL and its bs that you cannot even browse the ads for legitimate listings. I’m asking for everyone that sees an obvious scam ad to FLAG IT immediately. It is my understanding that it requires a certain number of flaggings before the ad is pulled. If everyone takes the time to flag these ads, maybe we can greatly reduce the incidents. When you go back to CL to shop another time and you see the same ad, FLAG IT AGAIN. Flag them every time you get on CL and keep flagging them until the required number will get it pulled. ALSO – I posted a listing and shortly thereafter I received a text from area code 601 saying that in order to verify that my ad was legitimate I needed to activate a 6 digit Google Voice Verification Code and I was required to text back to that number the 6 digit code that they sent me. This is BULLSH!T. There is no such thing. I ignored the text and they continued texting me with question marks. I’m sorry for some of the language in this post but I am sick of these pieces of sh!t and want them gone. Original Listing